Dual Curve-Screen Nubia Z11 Renderings Exposured, Parallel Dual-Lens Design

Previously there have been nubia Z11's front panel is exposed, and came to be released on the 18th of this month in Shenzhen messages. And now, once again on the network machine leaked renderings and displays nubia Z11 uses a borderless design, and the left and right edge portions with visual effects similar hyperbolic screen, the back is equipped with patented technology, dual camera, is expected to Camera, there is an unusual experience.

Dual Lens Design

From the network exposure of nubia Z11 renderings, the front of the machine still uses a family's iconic red circle Home key and non-frame design, but the greater curvature of the left and right sides of the touch screen, has a similar look Samsung GALAXY S6 edge series of hyperbolic screen visual effects. In addition, the aircraft will fingerprint sensor on the back of the fuselage, which is now nubia Z9 sides of the power button integrated fingerprint recognition is different.

It is noteworthy that, nubia The aircraft also uses a parallel dual camera design, the specific specifications although not clear, but the focus Nubian phone patentnubia Newell broke the news on the microblogging said, nubia has apply a number of technology-related dual cameras and camera optimization of patents. At the same time according to the patent description, nubia dual camera technology will support two cameras were turned on or simultaneously turned on. When the dual cameras are turned on, the system will be on the filmed images superimposed synthesis, thereby obtaining the final photograph.

Equipped with Snapdragon 820

As for the other major configuration nubia Z11, according to the previously leaked information display, the aircraft will be equipped with similar Samsung GALAXY S6 edge of 5.2 inches double curved screen, which supports resolution of the 2K level, while also carrying Snapdragon 820 processing device, with 4GB RAM memory and storage capacity up to 128GB, equipped with the latest Android 6.0 system. In addition, rumors that the aircraft will be loaded 13 million pixels front camera, while the main camera specifications it reached 20.7 million pixels, but if dual lens design, then is not expected to have such a high pixel.

Because the network has been exposed nubia conference invitations, and display Nubian new conference and will be held in domestic channels will thank January 18 in Shenzhen, so the printing of speculation mounted Snapdragon 820 processor nubia Z11 is likely in The conference formally meet with us. However, there is news that this conference will not launch nubia Z11, but the main literary temperament and young users of My Prague series of new machines. Therefore, this hyperbolic screen and dual lens nubia Z11 whether debut next week or so we'll see.

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