Windows Phone Is Compromised, The User Will Receive The Highest Authority

Cracking software also supports backup, once the phone problems can be easily restored to its original state.

No matter how perfect the native system, there is always a lot of users and enthusiasts to have a very strong customization interest, therefore, whether Android or iOS, Root or system jailbreak has been a topic of enduring. According to foreign media reports, the recent developers to develop an app called Windows Phone Internals, it is possible to unlock a lot of running Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows Lumia series models bootloader 10 Mobile, which gives users higher freedom.

According to the developer Heathcliff74 say, after using the Windows Phone Internals unlocked bootloader, users can obtain Root privileges, then they can modify system files or install third-party applications need to obtain system privileges and settings can even install custom ROM, personalized.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone Internals also supports the creation of a backup device, once the phone there is a problem, it can easily be restored to its original state.

In fact, before Android and iOS debut, Windows Mobile is also very popular custom ROM, the relevant developer community is very great, and in the Windows Phone tightened system permissions, and the user base is small, customization of Windows Phone attention also much lower. Of course, it should be noted that Microsoft's future may also sealed the entrance Windows Phone Internals access system, so if you want to try for the Windows Phone custom ROM, then perhaps a more hands-breakfast choice.

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