Windows 10 Mobile Growth Is Slow, The Share Lost To WP8

Microsoft's mobile operating system accounted for in, Windows Phone 8.1 ranked first with 77.6%, Windows 10 Mobile also will take some time.

Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile system time is not long, and most of the new Lumia smartphone system upgrade plan has not yet started, but as the next generation of Windows Mobile operating system, the present situation seems to be developing more smoothly. AdDuplex according to the latest statistics show that the current Windows 10 Mobile in the share of Microsoft's mobile operating system, has been close to 9%.

We note that, Windows 10 Mobile proportion is the proportion of smart phone system in Windows, rather than the proportion of the smart phone operating system. Although the overall proportion is still relatively small, but as a new operating system, Windows 10 Mobile's performance impressive. According to this trend, the next month, 10 Mobile proportion Windows will certainly be more than is currently ranked second in the Windows Phone 8.

At present, the proportion of Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.1 ranked first with 77.6% of the scale, while Windows 10 Mobile wants to catch up with Windows Phone 8.1 seems to take some time. But from the point of view the whole situation smartphones, Windows 10 Mobile whether we can help Microsoft and Google and Apple to narrow the distance, but also the test of time.

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