Win10 Mobile Lifecycle is Released, 2018 Will Eand Support

While Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile operating system come out some time ago, but now only Lumia 950 and 950 XL two mobile phones can support the system. And now it seems that Microsoft seems to have decided it's life cycle: to January 2018, the operating system will no longer get any upgrades.

From Microsoft's official website, "Support Lifecycle" page, we learned, Windows 10 Mobile mainstream support will end in January 9, 2018. This may mean that Microsoft may launch before the date of the operating system successor.

Microsoft's operating system's "life cycle" is very important information, because it is more or less determines the user at the time of purchase specific hardware model. Specific to Windows 10 Mobile, and when it ended, it seems like it will not affect too many devices, but the future how many devices equipping with this system will be come out? It is an open question.

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