Transfer Data from Android iPhone to Windows Surface Phone

Some time ago, Microsoft released Lumia 950 and 950 XL two flagship phones, but according to company executives said their next-generation flagship model will be more groundbreaking.

Microsoft's marketing director Chris Capossela recently in an interview implies the existence of Surface Phone. Although he did not confirm plans for any specific device, but it does mention that they would replicate Surface of policy on a new phone. This means that Microsoft may launch a new and unique products, rather than simply to catch up with competitors or play the safety card.

"We need to expand mental Surface series to mobile phones, instead of making a phone only for Windows enthusiasts," he said, "it must be a truly groundbreaking will be shocking or mobile phone."

From Capossela then show this equipment is currently still in the early concept stage, but recently there have been reports, Microsoft has focused on the development of this equipment was. It is reported that this phone is currently being led by the Panos Panay Surface R & D team, its internal code name for NorthStar or "Panos phone." The function of this groundbreaking Surface Phone allegedly x86 processors from Intel, which makes it possible to run PC applications. Continuum features compared to Lumia phones, which is tantamount has taken a big step forward.

Surface Phone is expected to be officially released at the end of next year. So presumably there will be many users will choose to buy a new Surface phone to replace their old Android phone and even iPhone. While, how to directly transfer data from phone to phone which runs different OS? Yes, there's no doubt that switching from Android or iPhone to Windows Phone is little trickier because of the separate operating systems.

To complete the transfer without any hassle, I recommend you try using a third party transfer program. Here is my recommendation – Mobile Transfer. With the help of this program, you can not only transfer data between Android and Winphones, but also sync data between iDevices and Windows phone, including music, videos, photos and more in one click!

Want to have a try? Good new here! You can now free download a trial version below as you like, and follow our tutorial to transfer your phone data.


Steps to Transfer Data from Android iPhone to Windows Surface Phone

Step 1. Connect Both of Your Android/iPhone and Surface Phone to Computer

Open Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then select "Phone to Phone Transfer". This allows you straightly convey data from one phone to another. After that, plug your phones to the computer. The program will detects them soon and displays on the program.

Note: Please ensure that your Android or iPhone is on the left, and the WinPhone is on the right, so that the program will transfer data from Android iPhone to your new Surface phone. If not, please press "Flip" to exchage before transferring.

Step 2. Select File Types to Transfer

Once your phones are recognized, it is time to select content to transfer as you like. Choose "Photos", "Music", and "Videos" from the middle pane. Then click the button "Start Transfer". The program will start copying files.

When you see the window as below, transfer process is finished. The program will show you all the transfer result. Click the button "OK" to close the dialog. You can end the process and then eject your phones.

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