Magical Tool Lets Lumia 520 Successfully Run Windows RT

When mentioned rooting phone system, estimated that most people think of first is the Android, while Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows Phone becomes closed a lot. However, through an unofficial tool called Windows Phone Internals and omnipotent friends recently even let Lumia 520 runs on Windows RT, Whether Windows Phone return to the era where Windows Mobile phone can freely root its system?

Have to say, Lumia 520 and Windows RT really can be considered a rather strange combination, the former is the generation of low-end Lumia God machine, while the latter is called the biggest failure in the history of Microsoft's operating system, not a complete desktop operating system experience and weak compatibility make Windows RT fairly short-lived, while the Surface RT naturally escape. It is understood that, by means of Windows Phone Internals, users can unlock Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile's bootloader and gain root privileges, which allows Windows Phone brush as possible. Even more security is doubled, Windows Phone Internals also provide brush before backup, Brush great God who will not need to limit their imagination, believe Lumia 520 plus Windows RT only just the beginning.

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