Microsoft Will Presents Display Dock To Lumia 950 XL Users

Display Dock can be used to connect a mouse, keyboard and other peripherals, which sells for $ 99.

Although Lumia950 and Lumia950 Xl has not yet officially on sale, but Microsoft has these two flagship models taken many promotion policy. Following some time ago the British and French market price is not listed first, and now Microsoft is Lumia 950 XL user decided to give the value of $ 99 Display Dock in their official store, and Lumia 950 XL's official price of $ 649.

But note that the giveaways only for this year on November 25 to January 31 next year to buy Lumia 950 XL users, and the need for redemption through Lumia Offers applications, and activities deadline is February 29 next year.

As a new generation of Windows smartphones camp mainstay, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL is a major characteristic feature is the Windows 10 Continuum, which allows these two flagship Lumia has a PC-like desktop-class office experience, but the premise is you have to have a Display Dock.

A total of seven Display Dock interfaces, including a cell phone signal input port, a Display Port interface, two HDMI interfaces and 3 USB ports, DisplayPort and HDMI interfaces for the output video signal, and USB interface can connect a mouse keyboard endures provided, portable and commercial property full, but considering the $ 99 price is not really cheap, the average user probably will not buy.

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