Microsoft Released The First Major Update to Upgrade Windows 10 Performance

The biggest change, mainly concentrated in the Cortana and Microsoft Edge respect, Cortana voice assistant now supports handwriting input and be able to identify the phone number.

Microsoft released the first major update to Windows 10 (only for computers and flat), the user can obtain the update through Windows Update.

As the first major update to Windows 10, the November update contains a number of content, but basically the same with the previous preview build 10586. The first is the performance update, the start time Windows 7 30% faster (on the same device) compared to another e-mail, calendar, photos, Windows Store, One Note, Xbox and other applications have been improved. As for the biggest change, mainly concentrated in the Cortana and Microsoft Edge aspects.

First, Cortana voice assistant now supports handwriting input, and be able to identify the phone number, email address or even a physical address, and smarter for the user to set a reminder. At the same time, it can track user activities, including movie tickets, Uber and other reservations, and added support for Japan, Australia, Canada, India and other countries. Microsoft Edge will get improved performance and security, and added a label preview feature that allows users to hover over the tab to quickly view a Web page presentation. At the same time, also added a cross-device and read the list of favorites synchronization. Microsoft also added a preview version update Skype, video calls and text messaging capabilities already built into the Windows 10, but Microsoft did not disclose its official release time.

In addition to improved services for consumers, Microsoft is also aimed at business users two new features: Windows Update for Business and Windows Store for Business. The former allows IT departments to control the deployment of Windows 10 updates, better equipment deployment and network optimization; the latter can make IT departments discover, acquire and manage the specified application, and distribute content to Windows Enterprise 10 On the device, to achieve a more flexible allocation. In addition, IT departments can now use the new mobile device management capabilities to manage Windows devices, including PC, tablet, mobile phones, networking equipment, the new Azure Active Directory also allows IT departments to create and maintain a directory, Employees can log in and secure roaming, access to maintenance support.

In addition to the above, Microsoft also said that thousands of partner device has received Windows 10 compatibility. In addition, Xbox One has also obtained the November update, currently only Windows 10 phone is not supported. It is reported that Microsoft will launch Windows 10 Mobile update will provide upgrades existing Windows Phone users in December.

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