How to Transfer Photos Videos Music from Android to Windows Phone

Android Data to WinPhone Transfer
If you change a Android phone like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Motolora or Huawei to new bought Windows phone such as Lumia 930, you may wonder how to switch the media file including photos, videos and music from the old phone to the new one. The most usual way comes to you is to connect your Android to the PC or Mac and export them into your computer. Then, connect WinPhone to the computer, and then import pictures, videos, and music from your computer to WinPhone. This is a workable, but not convenient, what's more, it will take quite a lot of your time. Can we direct transfer photos, videos and music between Windows phone and Android? Hence, in the following tutorial, we are going to introduce you a much more convenient way to help transferring photos videos and music from Android to Windows phone in one-click.

Note: Things you need: a Windows phone (Lumia 930 for example), Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S5 for example), two USB cables, a computer(Windows OS PC/Mac), Mobile Transfer software.

How to Transfer Photos Videos Music from Android to WinPhone

Step 1. Download and install the Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac on your computer

Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac, is a time-saving and outstanding transferring program that you can use it to sync your Android data like videos, pictures, songs and more. You don't need to know more about some professional knowledge of smart phones, what you need is just to download this Android to Windows Phone Transfer on your computer and follow the instruction below carefully.


If the installation complete, launch it, and you will see the primary window display as below.

Step 2. Connect your phones to the computer

The interface will be like the following one. Four modes are for you to choose from. Click "Phone to Phone Transfer" and you will come to the next step. Now, you need to connect both of your Lumia 930 and Samsung Galaxy S5 to your computer via theirs USB cable.

Note: You are allowed to change the places if you want to transfer data from WinPhone to Android by using "Flip" button on the program.

Step 3. Transfer Photos Videos Music from Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lumia 930

You will be asked to select content to copy from Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lumia 930. Just tick the check boxes in front of "Photos", "Videos" , "Music" and press "Start Transfer". It will begin moving data immediately.

When transmission is done, you will have a note that prompt you that you have copied the data completely and show you how many items have been moved. Then you can click the button "OK" to finish the process.

Note: Please keep both of your phones connected during the transferring process.

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