How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to BlackBerry Priv

Although BlackBerry's performance is getting worse in these years, but always still has a large number of loyal fans, but with the increasingly powerful systems of iOS and Android, BlackBerry BlackBerry 10 seems to have become powerless. However, the closed nature of iOS and Android system instability, so that the two systems are obviously not perfect, but now Blackberry has formally opted Android camp, and for the Android brought their own proudest features : privilege and privacy. In addition, 4.5 inches curved screen, slide QWERTY keyboard design and safety, let BlackBerry reignited interest in global fans around the world. BlackBerry Priv is the final product.

In the design of the fuselage, BlackBerry Priv more in line with the ergonomics, 5.4-inch screen is not only suitable for single-hand operation, but also be fit for one-handed slide keyboard. BlackBerry Priv equipped with a double curved QHD Super AMOLED screen, the pixel density reaches 540ppi, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge +, viewing angle is very good. Besides, BlackBerry Priv still with many excellent characteristics. These are the reasons why lots users are willing to try using a BlackBerry Priv.

You may found it's easily to transfer data from phone to phone now, even sync data from those which are running different operating system. Obviously, in fact it is not. Nearly period of time, we often received the emails about how to transfer contacts from Windows phone to BlackBerry Priv. This is absolute a difficult problem. However, Mobile Transfer make the problem simple.

Mobile Transfer is undoubtedly the best software that comes in line with the subject that has been given to this section of the tutorial. It is also to be noted that the user reviews in this regard lead the person to the fact that this software program is easy to use and has advantages that are in line with the user requirement. In order to make sure that the best is mentioned in this tutorial a step by step guide is also presented to make sure that the users follow it to get the work done quickly. So, you can transfer contacts from WinPhone to BlackBerry Priv with ease.


Few Steps to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to BlackBerry Priv

Step 1. Back Up Contacts from Windows Phone to OneDrive

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Step 2. Choose a Transfer Mode

Download, install and run the Mobile Transfer on your computer, in the homepage, choose "Restore From Backups" panel, and press "OneDrive" to move on.

Step 3. Choose a Bakcup File

On the next screen, you need to sign in your OneDrive account, and select a backup file to load into the program.

Step 4. Sync Contacts to BlackBerry Priv

After extracting data from backup file, you can see all the transferable data in the middle of window, check "Contacts" and click on "Start Transfer" to sync it to your BlackBerry Priv.

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