Can Win10 Phone Rise After Another 5 Years Waitting?

Windows Phone ecology, Microsoft became downright polished rod commander, users have no reason to support Microsoft became a question mark.

Before the reality is that Microsoft, Windows Phone has a 5-year long-distance running, but Microsoft did not put Windows Phone to peak, the question now is, it has been renamed the Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft's mobile ecosystem, five-year wait enough ?

Abandon the old user into public relations disaster

October 2010, Google will use Android HTC Huashan send summit, after Apple introduced the iPhone touch-screen concept to subvert Microsoft's decision to put their mobile services to reinvent the wheel, to abandon Windows Mobile system, launched a new mobile platform, the first generation system for the Windows Phone 7 (referred to WP7), minimalist Metro UI to become one of the most impressive of the system give the impression of Microsoft's.

Today, Windows Phone has gone through WP7, WP7.5 Mango / Tango, Windows Phone 7.8, WP8 Apollo, WP8.1 and several major versions of Windows 10 Mobile, the process, the most controversial is the abandonment of the old section of WP8 compatible devices, old users upgrade trip in Windows Phone 7.8 is terminated, which makes Microsoft was caught in a huge "public relations disaster" them.

A condemnation WP8, with perfect system functions, as well as applications for Win8 and Xbox compatible "three screen a cloud" concept of sound which, together with the old Nokia user for enthusiasm, a lot of people once again become the fantasy and the three pillars of iOS and Android mobile platform, but because of the lack of attention of developers, Microsoft and WP users by application of insufficient long-term drag on, so that in the latest Windows 10 Mobile among Microsoft had to choose between open applications compatible to Android APK.

The change in the system from generation to generation, management also in the waves of change, including the overall responsibility for the development department head, marketing department head or even leaving Windows department heads, personnel changes this has further increased the Windows Phone the fate of uncertainty.

Although at the time it seems, the prospect of the mobile market is good, but in the past five years, Microsoft and WP go quite ring true.

Continuum second variable PC is tasteless

Microsoft has just launched when Windows Phone, Android and iOS has basically been formed, then the story is that these two platforms has been running ahead, WP in the chase behind.

From the initial not support copy and paste, no Chinese input method, but later began to support the Chinese, the introduction of multi-tasking and other 500 features updates to the custom dynamic magnetic stickers, IE10 Mobile, Nokia Maps, and then Cortana voice assistant, desktop background, notification interface, sliding input method, flow sensing and so new features to complement these new features Microsoft spent five years full time.

So far, Microsoft's Windows Phone system is substantially complete in terms of functionality, some features of other platforms, Microsoft has been able to provide, just so long see-saw, the mobile phone industry in the fierce flame which, for too long.

In addition, among the new Windows Phone, Microsoft threw out the concept of Continuum, and the system was renamed Windows 10 Mobile, in order to strengthen their competitiveness, for this function, the printing with the "second change PC" to describe, but In essence, Continuum belonging to Windows RT disguised concept of rebirth, all of the content is based on mobile applications, and Windows RT because of weak productivity performance has long been forgotten, so the so-called selling point could let Microsoft stand up straight Another also said.

Compared Continuum, Windows 10 Mobile supports Android APK open, more substantive meaning, which the user, can be described as inspiring, but this feature is also a problem of uncertainty, the first Microsoft does not specifically in public is directly compatible (Microsoft is the most talked transplant), followed by Blackberry has taken a similar approach to self-help, and this trick did not work, most likely within Microsoft are entangled and struggle on this matter.

There is an interesting phenomenon, this year's Microsoft press conference in early October, although Microsoft has released Lumia 950 and 950XL two machines, but said nothing about Windows 10 Mobile, so where is it? The answer is in closed beta, but this seemed to have measured the effect of Microsoft's bruised and battered, which posted it from the inside can find the answer, feedback from the test users point of view the situation, the current Windows 10 Mobile regarded BUG everywhere, it may be For this reason, the conference, Microsoft can only do cold treatment.

Lack of Share

Function in a step by step completion, but the market share has been a pain in the hearts of Microsoft.

So far, Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) ceiling in the global market share of 5%, while in China was less than one percent (in January 2015 fell from 2.7% to 0.6%) in May this year, market research firm Kantar announced The data, Windows Phone market share in China in unprecedented breakthrough finally 1%, while the latest data released by Kantar, this data has increased to 2.3%; little is seen in several countries in Europe the past, basically share exceeded 10%, of which the UK is 11.3%, Russia 12%, France 13.1%; Italy 13.7%, but in the end, this report card for 5 years of Windows Phone, is unspeakable.

Quite a long time, Ali for Windows Phone are all indifferent attitude, a variety of applications in the long-term stagnation updated state, but in March this year, Apple introduced Apple Watch within a short period of 24 hours, Ali would make a In response, and announced Alipay adaptation is complete, a move that ignited the anger of Windows Phone, many users complain Ali as "Alipay", "ibitch", "Alipay event" resulting in Alipay official microblogging under.

For user dissatisfaction, Alipay wallet official microblogging update "1% of miracle, from 100 percent effort, and 99 percent luck. Why did you choose one percent of life?", Which was interpreted as Ali abandon Windows Phone support the cause - too few people.

In fact, few users really is the developer support or abandon the cause of limited support Windows Phone development team do not want to spend too much energy in this regard, is the direct consequence of a small number of applications, low quality, over time it becomes a vicious circle, good Microsoft's efforts in this regard are also trying to quickly porting Android applications and iOS applications, "Project Astoria" and "Project IslandWood" project is the key, but the key is just to let nature take into account the Windows Phone developer ecological, rather than the introduction of independence sharing application, or take the initiative to create the application.

Microsoft is truly Polished rod commander

For a long period of time, Nokia is the mainstay of Microsoft ecosystem, many users are directed to the Nokia brand before choosing Windows Phone system, but now Nokia's devices and services division was acquired by Microsoft, and then been abandoned, Lumia became Microsoft synonymous with the mobile phone market, Lumia phone has also become a support only Windows Phone market share, which is the upgrade from Windows 10 Mobile list can be seen.

Upgrade list published by the end of July among the first to upgrade Windows 10 Mobile devices, exclusively for the Lumia phones, including both Nokia Lumia phone era, including Microsoft Lumia phone era, except there is no other brand products - Windows Phone ecology, Microsoft has become a veritable Polished rod commander, the user has no reason to support Microsoft became a question mark.

Early on, Microsoft has a teammate, and there are many of his teammates, the earliest including Dell, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, etc., and then including the later ZTE, Huawei, Jin, Lenovo, Acer, and even rumors of Sony to Microsoft a good show, the last JSR, Karbonn, Micromax, LONGCHEER other manufacturers have also joined in, just like a trend not picky eaters.

Microsoft previously said applications are the hearts should now be "OEM camp"

For Microsoft, "heating" This kind of thing is likely to be wishful thinking, had many teammates, such as HTC is already vulnerable, Samsung's mobile business have eased this quarter, LG good products but sold poorly, Nokia is Microsoft to play bad, potential mates Sony is also not doing well, even ZTE also once said that Microsoft license fee income is too dark (fortunately now dispense), for these companies, now Microsoft is hard patting Windows Phone chest assurances that allows these companies to reverse the decline or usher in the second spring - even if it was willing to accompany gambling, nobody can afford blocked.

What's more, Windows Phone early, Nokia and Samsung, these OEM partners, Microsoft is relying on feeding to maintain stable camp, which is called "quarterly payments", which was interpreted as Microsoft is in the "money Cooperation . "

However, the result may be different than intended out a little big, the OEM construction camp, Microsoft did not spend less, the effect is not ideal, and now Windows Phone, more like Guanggansiling in fighting.

Well, then come back to the original question, it took five years Windows Phone ecological nurturing but no improvement, and then spent five years enough?

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