Blackberry Android Phones Listed This Week, Or Will Become The Company's Masterpiece

If the new products of poor market performance, once the leading BlackBerry smartphone or choose to give up the smart phone business.

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry to launch the first Android smart phone will be listed this week. The product or Blackberry will be the last effort before the termination of the mobile phone business. If the new products of poor market performance, once the leading BlackBerry smartphone or choose to give up the smart phone business.

Since John Chen, CEO two years as the BlackBerry, the company has launched a number of new smart phone, but not a product can reverse the company's hardware revenues continued to decline in the situation. John Chen has repeatedly said, if you can not let the mobile phone business to achieve profitability, the BlackBerry will exit the business.

Blackberry's upcoming smartphone "Priv", will carry the complete version of Android operating system, and installed some blackberry safety and productivity functions fame. Chose "Priv" the name, because the BlackBerry wished to emphasize the privacy of performance of this device. Priv also speak a preloaded BlackBerry applications, personal data and geographic information on how many apps are able to access the user's mobile phone users by track. Priv BlackBerry also comes with a decline in iconic style BlackBerry physical keyboard.

Morningstar Investment Services in Chicago analyst Brian Ke Laile (Brian Colello) said, "perhaps the BlackBerry product line as well as other goods, but the BlackBerry Priv really looks like for most drastic in the past few years, blackberry We have launched different prices, different shapes, but they are equipped with the BlackBerry operating system. This time, the BlackBerry Priv using a different operating system. "

Since the BlackBerry is currently in the global smart phone market share of only less than 1%, so the company has to shift to higher margin software business. In John Chen when trying to achieve the revival of the BlackBerry, he did not give up the mobile phone business, because the latter still occupy about 40 percent of BlackBerry revenue. John Chen had said in October of this year, if you still can not get mobile phone business profit, blackberry mobile phone production in the next year will be terminated.

Software Business

Through the acquisition of new products and the development of security software company secure telephone conference, John Chen current goal is before March 2016, so that the BlackBerry software revenue reached $ 500 million. Blackberry on Monday completed a $ 425 million deal to acquire Good Technology. Blackberry, said this transaction in the first year will bring about $ 160 million in revenue to the company.
BlackBerry devices business executives Ron Lux (Ron Louks) said the company will announce at the beginning of 2016 products "circuit diagram", but declined to say whether the "route map" will involve new phone. John Chen has said that BlackBerry BlackBerry OS will continue to be updated.

With the introduction of Android devices, BlackBerry solved one of the biggest problems previously encountered, how to convince consumers to buy small number of applications BlackBerry devices. After gradually become less popular BlackBerry OS, application developers have gradually abandoned as which operating system to write applications, which also led to more users to give up the BlackBerry products.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Colin Gillis (Colin Gillis) believes that if the market situation blackberry Priv good can remain mobile phone business in the previous two generations of products Passport and Classic, BlackBerry.

Shipments decline

In the previous quarter ended August 29, the total BlackBerry smart phone shipments only 800,000, slipped to the lowest level since 2007.

BlackBerry shares closed up 2.9 percent on the NYSE regular trading to close at $ 7.50. This year, BlackBerry's stock decline has reached 32%.

Ke Laile analysts believe that retail for $ 699 Priv, aimed at "highly competitive high-end Android phone market. The market include HTC, Samsung Electronics and other competitors." In the BlackBerry main business gradually to the software business the transition period, blackberry blackberry Priv will become the company's revenue for the last stable efforts. He said, "Although the BlackBerry to retain the hardware business to make a lot of effort, but the business is not really getting better. I think the BlackBerry is still looking for a sought after consumer products can be obtained."

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