How to Transfer Windows Lumia Contacts to Samsung Galaxy

"I am wanting to donate my old Windows Lumia phone, but I need to erase all the data storing on it. And the more important thing I have to do is to sync the contacts from my lumia 640 to my new Samsung mobile – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. At first, I think this is a fairly easy thing, until I realized they run their own system. They are two completely different operating systems! How can I do it simply? Is there any kinds of tools I can in virtue of?" - Qusetion from Raul

There is no doubt that it is difficult to transfer files from phone to phone those who running with different operating systems, especially for contacts transfer, just like transferring contacts between Windows phone and Android device. Due to the attraction of lots of Samsung device, many people turn to be a Samsung fan, just like Raul. If you were the one of these new Samsung user, you would ask the similar question as Raul. You may think vCard file would work for it. Yes, you are right, but you need to transfer your contacts as vCard file from the Lumia phone to computer and import it to the Samsung phone, so it may be a very tedious work. In this case, Why don't you make your work easy.

Your answer is Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac which supports mobile data migration no matter your source phone and destination phone are based on different system, including Windows Lumia phone, Android phone, iOS device, Symbian Nokia, and even BlackBerry. With the help of this transfer program, you can not only transfer contacts between Lumia and Samsung, but also direct sync photos, videos and music with one click.

Download a trial version and to witness the impossible now:


Mobile Transfer - Transferring Contacts Between Lumia And Samsung Galaxy

Step 1 Launch the Mobile Transfer

Download, install and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer. Next, when you see an interface pop up as below, Click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" plate and press "Start" to turn to phone to phone transfer mode. Then connect both Windows Lumia Phone and Samsung to PC.

Step 2 Select Contacts to Transfer and Backup Contacts via OneDrive

Once the program recognizes your devices, you will see both Windows Lumia Phone and Samsung display on the primary window.

Different from media file transfer like photos, music and videos, you need to backup Windows phone contacts to OneDrive first before switching Lumia contacts to Samsung. If you have't back them up before, you can click on "How to backup" in order to follow the instruction to back up Lumia contacts on OneDrive. If you have backed up previous, then go to "Have backed up already" to login your OneDrive account.

Note: For Lumia music videos photos to Samsung transfer, you don't have to do make backup before transferring.

Step 3 Export and import contacts to Samsung galaxy from backup

Once you have signed in your OneDrive account, please choose "Contacts" and click on "Start Transfer" button to transfer the Lumia contacts to Samsung galaxy. Finally, when it finished the process successfully, click on "OK" to end the task.

Please remember not to disconnect your Lumia and Samsung phone before a successful transfer process.

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