How to Export/Backup Contacts from Windows Phone to OneDrive

In 2014, Microsoft announced that renamed its cloud storage service SkyDrive to OneDrive. However, for OneDrive, users do not feel strange. While, What is OneDrive and what can it be used to do?

OneDrive's provided functions include:

  • Album of the automatic backup function, that is, without human intervention, OneDrive device automatically upload pictures to the cloud save, so even if the device fails, you still can get from the cloud and view pictures.
  • Online Office features, Microsoft will be used by thousands of users of office software Office and OneDrive combination of online users to create, edit and share documents, and document editing can be performed any local switching edited locally stored online or on-line edit saved locally. Online document editing in real time saved, the contents of a file when a local edit to avoid downtime loss, improve the security of documents.
  • Share specified files, photos or an entire folder, simply provide a link to access the shared content to other users, and other users can only access the shared content, can not access non-shared content.

Users can use OneDrive on the following devices:
  • On a computer that installed with Windows operating systems and Mac OS X systems
  • On a tablet device which installed with Windows Phone system, iOS system, Android system
  • On a smartphones which installed with Windows Phone system, iOS system, Android system or BlackBerry system.
Following, we will show you how to Export/Backup Contacts from Windows Phone to OneDrive with a simple way.

Step by Step to Export Contacts from Windows Phone to OneDrive

Step 1. Login Your Microsoft Outlook Account
1. Turn on your Windows phone. Sscroll to the bottom to locate “All apps” and then go to “Settings”.

2. And then locate “Accounts” and select “Add an Account” from the next screen.

3. From the screen that appears, press “Microsoft Account” and enter your Outlook account ID and password, click on the “sign in” button at the bottom of screen to login now.

Step 2. Export Contacts from Your Windows Phone to OneDrive

After logging in, you can automatically backup contacts to OneDrive with your Microsoft account. You can also backup photos, text messages, phone settings and apps as the same. Click the button "yes". Your contacts on Windows phone will be exported to OneDrive.

Note: Depending on how much the amount of your data, as well as the smooth degree of the network, the backup time will be different, so it is strongly recommended that connect your Windows Phone with WiFi before exporting your contact to OneDrive.

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