How to Directly Transfer Lumia Photos Videos Music to iPhone

"Before getting my iPhone 6 Plus, I have quite a long time in using my Lumia 820, obviously, the iPhone is the mainstream of smartphone at present, however, I have not install iTunes on my computer, whenever running iTunes, my computer will prompt application error, I don't know how to sync tons of media files including photos, videos and musci from my Lumia to iPhone, who can tell me how to do now?" - Asked by Jeffrey.

There is no doubt that Lumia Windows phone is a great invention. The Lumia Windows Phone as a major smartphone operating system, and on this platform, is the market leader in the field of innovation, such as photographs and the like; assist in promoting and defining the future of Windows Phone. In addition, Nokia will provide technical expertise on Microsoft hardware design and language support, and to assist the rich Windows Phone price positioning, gain more market share, and into more regional markets.

However, at least for the moment, the iPhone clearly has more attractive and user group. When you buy an iPhone such as the latest iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus and more to replace your old Lumia device, what your first need to do is transfer data like photos, videos, music from phone to phone, but as we all know, Lumia and iPhone are runs different OS, we can not direct switch data between them, do not want to abandon your media files on Lumia phone, but afraid of trouble? How can you do? 

To move photos, videos, and music from Lumia phone to iPhone, you can use Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac. Mobile Transfer is able to get your important media files off the Windows phone to the iOS device, including iPhone iPad and iPod touch. You can seamlessly copy photos, videos, music and audios to iPhone with one click. The program does not steal any your phone's data. And the program also guarantees a safe transmission without info leak, virus-hacking, etc.

Do not hesitate and install it to try!


Two Ways to Transfer Lumia Photos Videos Music to iPhone

Part 1 Direct Transfer Lumia Photos Videos Music to iPhone

Step 1. Luanch the Mobile Transfer, Then Connect Lumia and iPhone to Computer.

Step 2. Go to "Phone to Phone Transfer" Panel And Pree "Start" To Turn to Data Transfer Window.

Step 3. Choose "Photos", "Music", and "Videos" From the Middle Pane. Then Click the Button "Start Transfer".

Step 4. Copying Photos, Videos, and Music to iPhone

Part 2 Extract OneDrive Backup File to iPhone

OneDrive, a place for everything in your life and work, offers free online storage to transfer and recover your personal files like contact, text messages, photos, videos and more. With a Microsoft account (,,, and MSN), you can back up data from any platforms to OneDrive, for example, from Windows to OneDrive. Transfer media files from Windows phone will not be a never-ending task. If your Lumia phone is not in your side, or you just get one USB cable, and you have backup your Lumia data up previous, in this part, we will specify how to extract data from OneDrive and import to iPhone.

Step 1. Backup Data from Lumia Phone to OneDrive (If you have backed up, just skip this step).

Step 2. Launch the Mobile Transfer And Connect Your iPhone to Computer.

Step 3. Go to "Restore From Backups" Panel And Press "OneDrive", Then You Will See The Below Window:

Step 4. Sign In Your OneDrive to Let the Program Scan And Extract Your Backup File.

Step 5. Copying Photos, Videos, and Music to iPhone

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